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Fan Fic Comments

Unread post by Dectilon » July 21st, 2005, 11:50 pm

Hi, and hajime mashite and all that good stuff.

In this thread you can (if you feel like it) post comments on the Tsukihime-story that I'm writing.

At the time I write this, I just got started but I will try to have something to post shortly.

There are some issues for me when writing this, which includes me not knowing all that went down in the original story, which means I'll just use what I know and feel like (which might piss some people off). Secondly, I don't know "enough" about Japan and Tokyo to make it realistic enough in that particular area.

On the plus side I'll try to keep the dialogue at a level that seems to be coming from the 16+ people the characters are supposed to be, instead of half that age. :D

Oh, and if I misspell words and such, send me a pm so I feel less embarrassed, plz? :)

Added a "bit" of the second "part". I'll write more tomorrow, too tired now.
Plzplz, if you've got any suggestions for me; some phrase that doesn't add up and the like, plz tell me so I can fix it.

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