A sound problem

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A sound problem

Unread post by Mr. Mono » January 15th, 2008, 1:45 am

Greetings mirror moon, and tsukihime fans.

I recently downloaded the english patch form your site and followed the instructions on how to convert the game?s 10 muic tracks into .ogg format and transfered them into the game folder called CD. Yet, I find my playing experience desperately lacking in any music whatsoever, other than the special effects like the clock and school bell.

I was wondering if you knew what was wrong or if you could offer any advice on how to fix this.

Some information:
Im using Vista.
I have the patch installed in Prgram Files.
I used a program called Power MP3 WMA Converter to change the music files into .ogg fromat.
I already tried playing the game with the files in mp3 and theri cd-da format but there still wasnt any music.

Thanks in advance and apologies is this has been answered recently.

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