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Unread post by PrimarchBentley » January 3rd, 2008, 10:35 am

Anyone have any good pics of a Ciel cosplayer, esp. in "battle mode" either with or without Seven?

Background: a mutual friend asked for ideas for someone to cosplay for cons in '08. Silly me, with this gal's looks and general... well, desire for people not to mess with her at a con (personal space, etc.)... the first thought that popped into my head was Ciel. My friends rolled with it, and through the combined powers of manga, anime and fanart (and the actual game, though she hasn't had much time/opportunity to play yet (kids in house, computer in public location, etc.)), she now really likes the character and is all gung-ho about the cosplay. :D We have people lined up for materials, construction, color bodywork (yes, she wants to do the temporary body art for it), etc., though I fear for the construction of Seven (bad exp. w/ making a Harkonnen cannon prop a few years back. IMNSHO it's still the best one I've seen, but I PAID for it, with money, emotion, and sanity... :( )

So, anyone come across any pics of a good Ciel cosplay? Figured I'd ask here amongst fellow fans first, before throwing the question to the rabid jaws of Anon... So far our general searching on the 'net hasn't turned up much in regards to a good "battle mode Ciel."

And yes, for your help you will be rewarded with pics, hopefully some "in process" as well as final result. :D

EDIT: Really good figs can be helpful too...
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