snork's late-comer noob questions

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snork's late-comer noob questions

Unread post by snork » October 24th, 2015, 7:05 pm

Hej, everybody.

about me : an almost 50yo German (male), not much of a gamer, not much of an anime fan, who only lately - and more or less accidentally - got to watch Kara no Kyoukai.
This impressed me so much! :shock:
I mean - its qualities in narration, its overall complexity and multi-layer meanings everywhere, the surprisingly ambitious (meta-) subjects, ...

And now, maybe 4 weeks later, it is just as I feared - suffering from Kara-no-Kyoukai-withdrawal symptoms.
It's not funny. :|

So I went reading wikipedia, to find other works by same author, and afaiu. there basically is but Tsukihime and Fate/ stay night.
For the anime versions of these I do not see Kinoko Nasu mentioned with them (bar F/sn UBW). And since what impressed me with Kara no Kyoukai was what I would think the author was responsible for - I now slowly, reluctantly, am getting accustomed to the idea that I probably should get me these games.

And that's where the problems start for me.
Searching for "how to play Tsukihime in English" brought up this forum's excellent FAQ. :thumbsup:
So that would be taken care of. great. :)

Now for actually getting the game(s).
The links given in the FAQs sadly no longer are valid. However I found me a Japanese buyer/bidder agent website (Celga), and then on Yahoo Japan there was an advertisement for another one (Buyee). I liked the extensive FAQ on the Celga website, and it sounded as if I might actually be able to send money to them - I have no paypal, no creditcards. But if someone could share their experiences with either of the above, or recommend another service - that would be most welcome.

Then, the other thing is, when google-translating Yahoo Japan, the good thing is : there actually are several auctions about Tsukihime for PC. The bad thing is the prices on many items. The first one I came by was listed for 40.000 Yen (Plus Disc Box) :shock:. The next one was a collection with Tsukibakko, Plus Disc Box and LOTS of other things : 80,000 Yen :shock:.
Then I actually saw some auctions, not yet over, that atm stood at 5,500 / 13,500/ and 21,000 Yen respectively. Uff.

I could not find an auction for Fate /stay night for PC, only for PS2 and PSV. Maybe I was doing it wrong, though. :|

I am not going to bid on one of these auctions I found - once I decide for a bidder-agent service it will still take some time before my money arrives in my then-account with them.

But I really need advice about : what is a "reasonable" (well...) price to pay for either a +disc box or a Tsukibakko ?
I mean 40,000 Yen, that's 300€, and, well - no. just no.
By German standards I am poor. I'd be willing to pay what I consider serious money, plus all the fees and shipping, and customs/VAT (19%), but not that.

And that is already a next potential problem : German customs, resp. German censorship situation.
A lot of stuff and things is forbidden / banned here, to various degrees. Some is banned completely - you may not even own it; some is just banned from being distributed, but you may still own it; some is only banned from being advertised for. I don't usually have much to do with this, so no experience - actually I do not even really understand the regulations.

So it would be down to how "bad" are these "Ero"-scenes in Tsukihime, resp. it might be down to being lucky with German customs. I try to avoid reading too much about Tsukihime content, gameplay, characters, story/ies and such to not be all spoiler-ed beforehand. :| The downside of which is I can not even estimate if it might be problematic with German customs.
Would anyone here have experiences with importing Tsukihime or Fate/stay night into Germany ?

Ah, well, sorry for the long post, that's some sort of habit of mine - snork

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Re: snork's late-comer noob questions

Unread post by ArchDemon » October 26th, 2015, 11:09 am

Hi, Snork. I regret to say that this forum is mostly inactive aside from the Melty Blood translation progress thread, so it might be better to ask someone on Beast's Lair forum instead. It is an active forum dedicated to TYPE-MOON fans and can be found here:

Best of luck!

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