Can't complete "Monster Kingdom"

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Can't complete "Monster Kingdom"

Unread post by Dariush » December 25th, 2008, 8:08 pm

Every time I was coming downstairs, I have been defeated by bosses (ElderKing and Elder Queen). After 10-15 defeats (trying most different tactics) I used the trainer and passed, but now I have some questions:
1) How much HP do they have?
2) How much damage does their Dual attack makes?
3) Which equipment/stats are the best for passing them "legally"? :roll:
And last - when by trainer I got Will in my party, suddenly Dual attacks stopped killing me (Cliff lose about 80 hp out of 150). Is this some special ability of Will? (except adding him I used no cheats)
P.S.: sorry for my bad English :oops:

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