Kitty disappointing as a kid?

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Kitty disappointing as a kid?

Unread post by Vandermillion » July 19th, 2008, 1:42 pm

Yo, well not just Kitty but I didn't find most of the characters in MAW2 very attractive as a whole. But since I got the MAW4 SE, thought I would play it without understanding what was going on but was able to manage somehow and to my surprise, quite a few characters from MAW2 were related to the characters in MAW4, but the best was Kitty grown up. Honestly couldn't tell until I noticed the surname, and the obvious flashbacks which came from MAW2 (as if that wasn't obvious enough)

Anyway, I'll put it in Spoilers just in case some people who fancy little children don't want their dreams shattered.
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And here's her combo with the main character, since her portrait in status screen isn't what she wears in combat.
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Anyone like the change from the silly black latex all the old succubus used to wear? And yes, that is the stats she starts off with ~_~; uber to boot =P

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Unread post by Phlebas » July 20th, 2008, 9:30 pm

That's cool, man I wish MaW 3 and 4 were getting translated too :(. Can somehow play an untranslated VN with translation software but don't think I could handle an RPG since all the item/skill names/descriptions etc will be untranslated.
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Unread post by TheXev » July 22nd, 2008, 5:55 am

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Details aren't exact.. I just helped translate the games.. its not like I've had time to actually play one yet.

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Unread post by TakaJun » July 22nd, 2008, 9:03 am

She doesn't have the same name as kitty, so I'm assuming this is just a girl related to her.

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Re: Kitty disappointing as a kid?

Unread post by Balcerzak » November 12th, 2009, 3:50 pm

I dunno. I'm inclined to believe that Katherine is Kitty, and that Kitty was just a nickname of sorts, that she outgrew.

In the library in MaW4, when you're forced to dig around looking for clues as to Katherine's identity, you read through several volumes: Volume 3 documents Will and Iry Smith, from MaW, and the establishment of the Hunter Academy (first generation presidents); Volume 4 documents the moving of the academy to the old castle by Sheryl Winston and her husband (second generation presidents); Volume 5 discusses an unnamed female president of the third generation and the Academy falling into ruin, protagonist surmises this to be Katherine (and later gets confirmed when he speaks with Phyllis); Volume 9 MaW3 which is the generation immediately before MaW4.

Further anecdotal evidence: When protagonist mentions he has a Syrine (or however it was romanized) member in his party Katherine remnisces about when she fought with a Syrine. Katherine mentions Carl reminds her of someone she once knew (I'm assuming this to be Cliff).

My conclusion. The "Carl" that Cliff is a reincarnation of is not the MaW4 Carl. That would be impossible, due to timeline. MaW4 Carl may or may not be a reincarnation of Cliff and previous Carl, though when you talk with Phyllis it's revealed that he's definitely descended from them. Kitty could have possibly grown up enough to take charge of the Academy after Cliff and Sheryl pass away, as unless my memory fails, she was only so young due to having been put to sleep, and though the Succubus are a slow aging race it wouldn't be that out of the question. Also, while only seen briefly, there are flash-back event cgs that are pretty damning evidence as well. The final nail in the coffin would be that, while hunting around the game archives for said cgs, I stumbled across further evidence. The internal script filenames refer to her as Kitty. While I normally disregard such things as conclusive proof on their own, as additional verification I don't see why they shouldn't be considered.


(I am also quite curious about H_ReinaLeana.scr is this an unused twincest scene?! Or just a case of odd filenaming. A peek:
レイナ: 「カールはあたしのなの」
リィナ: 「違うもん! 私のだよ!」
I do not remember this in any scene in the game. :o
There were no hidden additional CGs obviously. Though, there were some strange other extras in the cut-in section for battle combos... Maybe this has some relation to all those weapon types that you can find, but nobody in your party is able to actually equip?)

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Re: Kitty disappointing as a kid?

Unread post by gunblade » January 17th, 2010, 4:22 am

Old thread but I thought i might as well post my views.
After JUST completing MaW4 (I know it's old) I believe Katherine definately is Kitty.
For one why would the writers even make such hints that she is such by including the Cut scenes that see Cliff with Kitty cg's that were taken from MaW2 and also a another scene where you see Kitty a little more grown up.
I'm pretty much going with what the last post said, though i'm not sure what this past "Carl's" all about...
As far as I know the stone round his neck transports him to the past while his body somehow remians in the present at the same time. This doesn't make him any less real in the past however.
There was only one remaining daughter of Siphon and since the castle fell into the dark ages after MaW2 who else could Katherine be.
She makes plenty of references to the past and her battle with Drakul, with friends etc.
I mean honestly if it isn't Kitty then the writers are doing some horrendous writing placing evidence throughout the entire katherine story linking her to Kitty when it's not even suppose to be her.
Also shame about the ending... :(

Also I would like to know about those extra weaps... What they about? Anyone?

Oh i downloaded a save file to see if there was any extras, don't see anything about an extra scene, most likely a deleted scene they never used with no cg... Unless someone wants to try and crack open the images.

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