MAW2 Bug Report [v1.0]

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Unread post by haremGamer » August 26th, 2011, 1:11 am

kctempest wrote:
Ephyon wrote:-WinXP Pro
-MAW4 Special Edition
-nVidia GeForce 7300 GS (Driver ver. 175.19)
-Realtek HD Audio

Aside from battle shouts and the like, I can't hear any voices. SFX and music all work perfectly fine, but I can't hear anyone speak outside of battle.

Already checked that voices for all characters are enabled and the volume for them. All enabled and at max volume. Not a peep.
I have this same problem and this was not answered still.

My Specs
-Win 7 x64 Ultimate
-nVidia Geforce GTS 250 (latest driver)
-Realtek HD Audio (latest drivers)

I checked the log and its pretty straight forward that I am missing the voice folder entirely.....but I downloaded the game and it was already english patched and I believe I read somewhere that for MAW2 english patch to be applied you will need the fully voiced version? If so, then either I downloaded a version where someone decided to be dumb and not think to pack the voice folder than upload the torrent or I am mistaken about the fully voiced only version being able to be english patched. If so, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can get the correct version then.

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My answer:

1. Download XP Mode in case you have Windows 7 Ultimate, in case of XP it's not neccesary :P
2. Look for "no sound in H-Games" on Google and when you find a web page like "...h" or something reed and follow the instructions then the files you download, corresponding to the Windows SO you are using (the explanation about it is on the web page) copy or extract the files and assure you to have copy de adpcm.xx on the Windows/System32 file and reemplace the file with the other you have download (don't worry It's just and update to the same file)
3. NOW you can enjoy H-games and Visual Novels with sound ;)

Hope to be helpful,

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Re: MAW2 Bug Report [v1.0]

Unread post by Message » August 26th, 2011, 4:36 am

haremGamer wrote:Anytime I use de Dual Attack the game screen goes all black and I can't see the attack, I just can listen to the characters and the sound effects. It's very depressing... T_T ¿Does anyone know how to fix this especific problem? if is about codecs i can download them...
First step: Update your video drivers. Second step: Update your sound drivers. You can also try running in 16 bit color depth, if I recall correctly there was flunkiness in that regard. Also, you shouldn't ever alt-tab out of the game (see readme). Other than that... Try a different computer?

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