The Melty Blood situation, fully explained?

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The Melty Blood situation, fully explained?

Unread post by TheXev » August 9th, 2004, 4:25 am

Well, after many positive and negative comments, and some incredible confusion and miscommunications, I suppose its time to clarify the reasons for the temporary halt. Some people seem to think that Revolve is out to stop piracy, and whine and bitch that their patch is being misused, but our patches have been misused before and it will definitely happen again. The torrent in question, that has since been taken down (thank you MrMann for understanding), was of concern because of the following commented lines available in it. Although most people would probably not think that Revolve was in any way involved with this torrent, the comments could easily be misinterpreted as an endorsement by Revolve Translations. This alone is the reason for the actions I decided to take, and not the fact that the patch was included with the torrent. As you can understand, no one wants to be sued.

I must also apologize for posting the IP addresses of the users that were on this torrent. The original reasoning behind listing the IP's was to show the sheer number of people who were promoting this torrent and threatening the existence of this project. I do agree though, that the listing of the IP's was a mistake, but as a mentioned in my final post on the forum before I locked the topic on the cancellation: I've had too much on my own mind in real life because of my father being in the hospital, so my mind has hardly been on this entire situation. This listing was a lapse of judgment at the time, so I suppose accusations by a few individuals for trying to incite a DDoS attack may have been warranted.

The only action taken against those users was being banned from the website. The rest was, in all honesty, scare tactics. That's right, I only said it because I absolutely wanted Revolve's name off of that torrent at all cost, because I really didn't want to give up the Melty Blood project. Think of me as a bastard fool for all I care, because I am a fool who's had a lot on his mind lately. I really want to finish Melty Blood to prove to anyone and everyone that Revolve is capable of completing a project. I love the game, a lot, and I want myself and others to be able to enjoy the game in English.

Now that everything is finally out in the open, I expect some people to lose a great deal of respect for me and Revolve. Place any feelings over this matter directly on me, as it was my choice in the first place to do all of this. I felt this was the best course of action, although some people will say I should have simply let the matter go to begin with.

I think the end result is clear though, Revolve does not endorse torrents of games, that are still commercially available or otherwise, that include Revolve patches along with them. All of our patches are designed to modify games. In all instances we encourage people (ourselves included!) to buy the legitimate copies of these games, although we can't stop them from doing otherwise.

Expect a revamped downloads page in the next few days with Melty Blood downloads included.


Unread post by Anony » August 10th, 2004, 7:27 am

I think this latest post from you explains things in good detail and indeed I respect you more because of your level headed attempt to resolve the situation. I can only hope that most others agree with you as well.

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Unread post by johnsgs » August 10th, 2004, 4:35 pm

You guys did what you thought was right.. I think that's admirable. You got my support.

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Unread post by AznTyrant256 » August 10th, 2004, 6:26 pm

glad everyone is taking this so well, and good job xev!