General website updates and maintenance, forum updates

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General website updates and maintenance, forum updates

Unread post by TheXev » July 11th, 2004, 7:44 am

Over the past few days the website has undergone some coding updates (courtesy of my close personal friend JaggedDragon) to prevent the sidebar from overflowing into the news post area ever again. Project numbers on Tsukihime and Melty Blood have been updated on their respective pages.

Comments to news post have been permanently disabled. All future comments on important news will now have a direct forum link. The reason being that on Wednesday I was browsing the website from school and to my horror noticed that a spam bot had posted 3 links to child pornography websites in the comments of the last Melty Blood news post. I spent the next half hour trying to delete the post and ban the IP address via my school lab computer (my school's internet doesn't seem to like Emuxhaven's domain for some reason). Unfortunately the backbone for the site didn't allow me to disable the post and still keep it in a form to show anyone like the FBI (perhaps I'll suggest this as a feature update to MT).

Touhou Suimusou's demo has been moved into the idle projects slot for now. Zalas apparently found the dialog context to be confusing. I am also tired up with helping Soulfang on Vagrants right now, while Gavionne [CyberWarrorX] updates his Melty Blood tools to work better with Melty Blood ReACT (and hopefully a pleasant surprise).

On the forum, the Tsukihime terminology and translation debate has been moved to its own forum, where anyone is free to view discussion underway. Once again, if you think you are qualified and want to be able to post in this topic, please email me at [email address removed, no longer used 01-10-2012].

Keep your eyes open for an update to the download page sometime in the next week. From now on, all torrents will be posted on this page. Also, if you have previously downloaded any of the Melty Blood demos or patches, please reseed if you can. I will not be able to seed on Bittorrent for the next two weeks while I am at my parent's home, so your help is much appreciated!