Utawarerumono English v1.1 release

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Utawarerumono English v1.1 release

Unread post by Message » February 9th, 2008, 9:09 am

Utawarerumono Translation Released!

While we consider this an open beta release because it did not undergo the same level of internal proofing as our other releases, please play and enjoy it to the fullest!

This fixes the improper line breaking in the beginning and the installer bug when patching a Japanese installation (see Readme for details).

Utawarerumono English version 1.1
Direct HTTP Download
Torrent Download
Rapidshare Download
Megaupload Download

Utawarerumono Typo/Grammar Mistake Report [v1.1]
Utawarerumono Bug Report [v1.1]

Just like with our other releases, no discussion of obtaining the game by any illegal means. I'm not interested in engaging in any philosophical debate over this topic. We're not hosting torrents of the game here and we don't want to see our patch hosted along with any illegal copies of the game.

The release is currently compatible with the PC DVD version. This is not meant to be endorsement of these stores, but Utawarerumono can be bought from these locations:

Paletweb's Utawarerumono (cheaper)
Himeyashop's Utawarerumono

Give the original authors and staff your best support!
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Unread post by marus » February 9th, 2008, 5:11 pm

Congratulations everyone. I like, though I don't have the game so I won't actually play it for a while.

But this means that your installer is also ready, right? So we might start seeing an influx of mirror moon project releases soon.

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Unread post by Henduluin » February 9th, 2008, 5:58 pm

Yay, delicous tail-stroking is here!

Thanks for all the hard work guys.
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Unread post by AddleBoy » February 9th, 2008, 6:43 pm

Great Job, you guys!

I guess I'll have to go and buy the game now....

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Unread post by X-Calibar » February 9th, 2008, 8:20 pm

Oh yes, at last!!

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Unread post by -[J1N]- » February 10th, 2008, 2:57 am

Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work guys!

Can't wait to give this a try ^ ^
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Unread post by Maes » February 10th, 2008, 5:53 am

You guys rule!

Time to go buy this game, as I was waiting to do so until a patch was released.

Thank you all very much. :)

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Unread post by idontknoW » February 10th, 2008, 6:39 am

nice nice, and the fact that the game works well on my linux OS makes it all even better.
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Unread post by Cent » February 10th, 2008, 8:25 am

Omg. Thank you guys so much. :D

Time to spend some time with Touka :D

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Unread post by Silverman » February 10th, 2008, 9:47 pm

Thanks guys! Another great work!

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Unread post by blind51de » February 11th, 2008, 7:16 pm

Oh lawd, is that some Underwater Ray Romano?

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Unread post by ayadew » February 20th, 2008, 3:27 pm

Thank you.

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Unread post by Soraya » March 11th, 2008, 4:26 pm

Will a patch for the CD version of the game be coming out? Cause unfortunately this is the one that I brought. :cry:

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Unread post by Message » March 12th, 2008, 6:45 am

There are still some plans for that floating in the air, but we are not actively working on it at this time. We will look into it after F/sn is out.

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Unread post by Mr. X » March 30th, 2008, 8:52 pm

Never heard of the game before... not even the anime :oops: After reading of this patch I started a research over the web and found myself waiting for the game now :lol: Thanks for the patch!! I also read about Tears to Tiara, another RPG of the same company. Does anyone know if there is an english version or if eventually maybe you guys will translate it? I've seen some pictures of ToT and well, I'm drooling all over the place :shock: Now, to continue waiting for the Utawarerumono DVD...


Unread post by moichispa » June 20th, 2010, 11:10 am

May I ask if Utawarerumono has a anti-ero patch like Tsukihime has?

Sorry If already somebody asked this or is a banned question
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Unread post by Message » June 20th, 2010, 2:56 pm

No, there is no non-ero patch for Utamono. Not as far as I know, anyway.
moichispa wrote:Sorry If already somebody asked this or is a banned question
If this were a banned question it would be mentioned as such in the rules. You did read the rules, didn't you?

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