Teh news, is updated...

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Teh news, is updated...

Unread post by TheXev » November 17th, 2004, 1:51 am

Greetings everyone, and here is your news update for today:

The question everyone probably wants to ask: ?Why haven't there been any updates??

There hasn't been any real reason to update the site, but we've still been working. Tsukihime has been moving nicely. It seems chendo could sure use some more translators (sorry, we're full on editors right now) that are willing to work on Tsukihime. Current chat in the channel seems to indicate that we have finished the Hisui path, as far as translation goes. It seems focus will now move to the Akiha path.

For the few that noticed that mirrormoon.org was down, it has since been restored from a backup, so some of the information is outdated. chendo has recently updated the status page on Tsukihime, and the progress is up to 38.01% translated.

As far as our other projects, not much has occurred. Daichi has been working on a database translation system for Arcturus, Farland Symphony is once again going nowhere fast, Melty is still frozen because Tsukihime has taken priority, Touhou Suimusou has a newer demo available, and I will try and make some progress on that his weekend, and Vagrants is currently still seeing no work.

As for other things going on in #revolve, we few of us are working on side projects, which may or may not have anything to do with translating/hacking any Japanese video games (I've been playing the hell out of Initial D: Special Stage for PS2 quite a bit lately)

Hopefully after this month is over, our lives will be a little less chaotic, and we can get some real work done.